It's September 2015 and two boys meet and become roommates for the first time. For the next 2 years, these guys would share room S203, a place that would see them argue and disagree about everything imaginable.

They find common ground, however, in music. A lot of common ground, actually. It helps bond them, and they end up constantly exchanging both music and opinions on music, helping each other broaden their tastes. As time goes on, they look forward to new releases with palpable excitement and anticipation, playing new tracks across a wide variety of genres out loud on their Microlab speakers (much to the annoyance of the porters) and critiquing tapes song by song. They enjoy those experiences so much they decide to start a blog-turned website.

This is s203, the brainchild of two boys who couldn't agree on much but shared a room. A combination of loud, late nights, faulty AUX cables, many unnecessary insults and a whole lot of good music.
Comments, submissions and criticism is welcome and encouraged

Photo credit goes to: Yoofi Dabban, Seyyoh, Kofi Addo,  Zurisings , Christine Boateng

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